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Fashion Shooting in the Studio

How to plan and prepare for a photoshoot

Ready to take your photoshoot game to the next level? 

As a Creator, doing regular photoshoots are an essential part of ensuring that your brand not only remains current but also reflects your artistic progression. Having fresh and dynamic content to promote new bodies of work helps you gain momentum in whatever direction you take and keeps your audience engaged.


You can use these images to develop promotional material to advertise your unique events and services. From EPK’s to business cards, posters, flyers, websites, social media and more, the possibilities are endless for how you can use these visuals. Creating captivating, eye-catching content and designs will bring to life whatever project you’re working on, help you get noticed and leave an impression on your audience.

You get to be the creative

director of your own


Image by Apostolos Vamvouras

The photoshoot process is also an incredible chance to envision and embody the new identity of who you are becoming and what you stand for in your creative work. Consider what kind of message and influence you want people to associate with your brand and use those aspirations as motivation for designing your visuals. 


There are so many aspects to consider when preparing for a photoshoot, from costumes, locations, lighting, poses and props, it might feel overwhelming. 


Embrace the occasion and get excited about transforming your photoshoot into a truly unique and creative experience. With the right preparation, your photoshoot can be an inspiring journey towards creating something beautiful that has a lasting impact.

This snack sized masterclass with Kattimoni and Tamwah is designed to help make sure that you have the best experience possible with your photoshoot, that you feel empowered throughout the process and leave with a powerful collection of images that truly reflect who you are as a Creator.


What's included?

  • Short video training session with Kattimoni & Tamwah

  • Downloadable Brand Brief Template to help you solidify your creative branding and prepare for your own professional photoshoot

  • Examples of photoshoot vision boards to get you inspired

Need some personalised 1:1 support with your creative branding?

Reach out to the Global Creative Collective Virtual Artist Support Services team HERE

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