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This unique fusion of feminine arts and somatic healing practices.

'Empress' combines Sacred Female Embodiment Yoga, Middle Eastern Belly Dance, Breath-work, Vocal Expression, Meditation and Therapeutic Somatic processes.

Designed to specifically support female anatomy, awaken your feminine vitality, expression and support you to fully inhabit, embrace and love ALL the woman that you are.


"I feel as though I’ve learnt tools to navigate myself emotionally and physically and activate another profoundly feminine sense of healing. I am so very glad that I took the chance to attend this series'  -Bethany

  'Throughout the course I noticed changes within myself and how I operate in the world, I am less in my mind and more in my body and still carry this way of being with me. I now find it easier to accept and navigate challenges with greater ease and presence.'     -Mardi D

"I learnt to express my feelings and my body in ways that I have rarely been given permission to do throughout my life. If you are ready to start peeling back the layers of who you think you are, if you are ready to step into a greater capacity for bliss and pleasure within your body and if you want to explore all of the woman you are and want to be...then you are ready for Empress."  - Carla R

'It really allowed me to emotionally evolve and access deeper connection.'  -Chien Yu 

"A soulful and nourishing experience that really accelerated positive shifts in my own self perception and my ability to protect my needs and energy" - Gemma Falk

'Best thing I've done just for me. This work is transformational! Sharing such potent processes within the security of a supportive women's circle is both nurturing and empowering.' -Kerrie Morgan

'I experienced powerful shifts in my ability to communicate, and to feel into my body which have continued, even now, a month after the course.' -Rachel Des


'As someone who was new to all female circles, I felt safe, highly cared for and held within the group and by Kattimoni. I could not recommend this practice to women more!'  -Amber Ferraro

✨ Unlock the healing power and potential of your voice and creativity

✨ Release any blocks, fears or limitations that inhibit your full self expression

Claim a sense personal confidence to take up space and be more vocal and visible

✨ Learn technical skills to strengthen your tone, articulation, pitch, projection etc.

Use your ‘Word Sound Power’ to affirm and manifest transformation in your life

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"Katti presents with commitment and grace, radiating a positive flow of energy. She is able to engage in a gentle and influential way with young people at risk of social marginalisation. She is flexible and adaptable to cultural and faith diversity. The Embodied Voice workshops allowed the students to express themselves through voice both individually and collectively spreading messages of peace and social connectedness. I highly recommend Katti for future workshops with promote social cohesion, peacebuilding and healthy relationships with self and others." -Lisa Tribuzio, Manager, Lotus Consulting Itl


"It was fun, it pushed me, it helped me to feel connected to myself and to believe in myself more. The positive energy always left me feeling lifted when i would leave" - Tina

"I loved the safe space to be vulnerable. I have more self-love and self-confidence to express myself. Embodied Voice empowered me to create by letting myself be really present and inspired and share things i create with others." 
- Mary-Ann


‘I looked forward to every week not knowing what to expect next. We were gently facilitated in to a sacred journey of self discovery through music, creative writing and dance. I discovered a side of myself I never knew existed.. I was challenged from which I found new strength…’  - Donna

' intimate and gentle journey to share and unlock my creative potential .' -

'I found a different confidence and love of myself. I will do this course again. On one hand it challenged me to give myself permission to express my own voice with clarity and confidence yet at the same time it was oh so nurturing.'
~ Sarah


Learn the ancient art of poi spinning using both flags (beginner) and fire (advanced)

Cultivate grace, rhythm, balance, co-ordination and the art of flow

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