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These sessions are designed to help you navigate the many challenges that come with being a Creative Entrepreneur and guide you into the most expansive, authentic and empowered version of yourself, in life, art and in business!


As Artists and Creative Entrepreneurs, our work is so much more than just a ‘job’ or a source of income, it's intrinsically connected to our sense of identity and is an extension of our passion, purpose and self expression. So it's only natural that launching a new creative project or putting ourselves/ our work 'out there' can feel really vulnerable and bring up a lot of personal 'stuff', regardless of where you're at in your creative career.

Combining strategy with spirituality, reative business with deep personal healing and transformation, these 1:1 coaching sessions are personalised to support you to develop your personal potential and do the inner expansion work required in order to bring your visions to life and launch your creative projects into the world.

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Creative Coaching (1).jpg
Creative Coaching (1).jpg
Creative Coaching (1).jpg
Creative Coaching (1).jpg

👑 Connect deeply with your own unique soul mission and gain clarity around your highest purpose, creative vision and personal legacy here on the planet.

👑 Craft your creative vision and put together an aligned project plan that allows you to take inspired action and achieve tangible outcomes towards bringing your creative vision to life.


👑 Transform limiting thoughts, beliefs, habits, doubts, fears or emotions that block your full self expression and creative flow. Get your mindset, energy and emotions in the right space and cultivate confidence to share yourself with power and presence.


👑 Develop your creative identity, clarify your magnetic marketing message and build a creative brand and business that you LOVE to share.

I love helping big hearted Creative Entrepreneurs develop their potential and bring their big soul visions to life!


As your Creative Coach I'm here to clap for your wins, support you through the struggles and help keep you accountable and on track towards your goals. 


If this feels like the kind of support you need in your creative journey, reach out and book a FREE clarity call with me and let’s talk about how I might best be able to support you.



International Performing Artist

Somatic Psychotherapist

Creative Director & CEO


Kalari Healer, Musician, Entrepreneur

Kattimoni has been truly amazing. I was cloudy about my objectives with my business’s direction, and left feeling clearer and more focussed.

I feel like my perspective and energy has shifted in a very strong way and I have some practical tools to maintain this.


Clare Whitcombe
Musician, Teacher, Entrepreneur

It's made my business more profitable in many ways, not just financially!

I get more work, my gigs are more enjoyable, my students are improving, I'm more present. It's helped me be more visible and create really positive shifts in my life.


Mista Monk 

Katti is a wonderful facilitator gently guiding me through my own limiting beliefs and exposing me to new healthy patterns of thought.


I can definitely recommend her for anyone wanting to up their creative game.


Musician, Teacher, Entrepreneur

It's unfathomable how far I've come, in only 6 months I've been able to create the lifestyle that I want to live. I'm proud of myself for accomplishing that and coming so far, it's really shown me what I'm capable of.

I love working with Kattimoni, I can’t recommend her enough. She's easy to talk to about EVERYTHING and has helped me work through challenges with practical, manageable steps.​

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