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Want to develop a deeper understanding of how to control your voice, express yourself with confidence and cultivate a healthy, sustainable vocal practice?

Whether you're a Singer, Actor, Poet, Public Speaker or simply someone who wishes to feel more confident and empowered about using their voice, these sessions are personally tailored to fully support you in achieving YOUR unique goals and reach your vocal potential.  

Suitable for both complete beginners to advanced voices

ALL ages and ALL abilities.


  • Strengthen your voice

  • Expand your range

  • Control your breathing

  • Improve your pitch, tone, power, projection

  • Develop valuable performance and presentation skills

  • Audition, performance, exam preparation

  • Songwriting, musicianship

  • Cultivate confidence and freedom to express yourself, effortlessly 

  • Explore your creativity in a supportive, relaxed and FUN environment



Our throat chakra is our expression centre, our energetic centre of communication, creativity and confidence. Our voice is intrinsically linked with our feelings and emotions, our sense of permission and our sense of identity.

It literally affects EVERY part of our lives, from the way we communicate in our relationships, to the way we share our business or creativity with the world or the way we ‘sell’ ourselves in interviews and opportunities…. Whether consciously or unconsciously, we tell the world who we are in every moment with our body language, our tone of voice and our words.


What would it feel like to use your voice with presence, clarity and conviction?


What would it be like to carry yourself with grace, ease and a full inner permission to take up space and feel seen, heard and celebrated in your uniqueness?


To let go of the judging, comparing, limiting beliefs of yourself and experience the pure joy in sharing your authentic natural voice powerfully?


Before working with Kattimoni, I felt self-conscious about my voice and I was afraid to speak up in meetings or large gatherings. I thought my voice was too high-pitched, I didn’t know how to control my tone or volume and I hated listening to recordings of myself singing or speaking. 

Kattimoni taught me the techniques that enabled me to gain more control of my voice and the confidence and self acceptance I needed to feel good about my voice and I am no longer reluctant to speak up or listen to recordings of myself.

I no longer ‘hate’ my voice. I now LOVE my voice. 

I highly recommend Kattimoni as a coach. She has such a natural, encouraging presence and her lessons are fun and productive. If I could describe my experience in one word it would be: Empowering."

~Erin Douglas

People have come to me for all different reasons over the years. Often it starts with wanting to do singing lessons and learn a few vocal techniques but as we commence it’s clear they’re seeking much much more…....


Often they’re struggling with;

  • Lack of confidence speaking up, communicating or sharing their voice or opinion

  • Nervousness or anxiety about speaking / singing/ presenting publicly

  • Mental or emotional blockages inhibiting their creative expression or voice

  • Being overly critical of themselves, their body, their voice, their expression to the point of freeze

  • Stuck in perfectionist mode - not feeling ‘good enough’ or frightened to ‘get it wrong’

  • Feeling disconnected from their body, all up in their head

  • Fear of being judged, shamed, ridiculed


As a Facilitator, Podcast host and soon to be Mama, I embarked on this journey with the desire of greater freedom & confidence in my expression and it's been a dream come true! Over the course of our sessions I became more confident & at ease with my voice, vocal expression and toning exploration than I ever could have imagined at the start.

Kattimoni held space for my vulnerabilities while lovingly encouraged my explorations. She joyfully celebrated my advances & gave extraordinary feedback & practices to support my growth. For every session that I started with a bit of trepidation, I ended with joyful laughter & feeling more embodied than before.

I highly recommend Kattimoni to the woman who is ready to claim her power & voice.

~ Lindsey Curtis (Her Return)

Whether you're an aspiring singer, public speaker, a teacher, facilitator or entrepreneur or simply someone who wishes to feel more empowered about using their voice, these sessions will support you to develop a deeper understanding of how to control your voice, express yourself with freedom and cultivate a healthy confidence in the way you speak/ perform/ present.


​Each session to individually designed to support you to explore your relationship to your voice and nurture YOUR unique potential in a safe, supportive, creative and playful space. These sessions may include


  • Vocal techniques and singing exercises to help you strengthen your voice and improve your tone, articulation, pitch, projection and power

  • Breathing exercises to help you consciously control your voice and experience your whole self (body, voice, mind, heart, spirit) as an instrument 

  • Mindfulness practices for releasing and clearing blocked, stagnant emotional energy in your body and throat.

  • Performance tools to help you manage nervousness, stage freight, anxiety and fear.

Mature Woman

“It helped me feel more connected to myself and to believe in myself. On one hand it challenged me to give myself permission to express my authentic voice with clarity and confidence yet at the same time I loved the safe space to be vulnerable whilst working through my blocks. I have discovered a different type of self-love and self-confidence to express myself now’

~ Donna Charles


My Story


As someone who has spent their life touring and performing on stages all around the world, most people don't believe me when I tell them I failed music in high school. I still remember my teacher  telling me 'Music just isn't your thing, perhaps you should try art instead?'

But it was never a lack of talent, passion or ability that stopped me, it was the intense stage fright and performance anxiety, the highly critical inner voice and the fear of judgment that had me in freeze mode. I was sooo shy about singing in front of people I would actually skip school on exam days just to avoid performing!

Over the years I dedicated myself to working through a lot of these emotional blocks and mental limitations and have gone on to develop my voice and enjoy an abundant creative life and career in the music industry. I have recorded and released original albums and film clips, fronted 9 piece bands, toured internationally and performed on festival stages around the world. I've had my songs played on radio internationally and was also a judge on on one of Australia's #1 reality TV shows, "All Together Now."

Since 2008 I've had the pleasure of coaching & teaching supporting hundreds of other creatives to transform their relationship with their voice, learn how to overcome their own fears and build confidence in their authentic voice and expression.

I was Head Vocal Coach at the Australian Music Education Academy for 4 years and have previously taught with other educational institutions such as Lygon Music School and The Music Bus in addition to 9 years of group facilitation experience within community settings.

I work across a diverse range of styles and genres and my unique methodology and teaching style explores the voice from an inter-connected and holistic perspective, bringing alignment to the body (breath management, vocal technique), mind (theory, aural training) and the heart (emotional expression & embodiment).​​​​​​​​

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More Testimonials....

"I honestly didn't expect anyone would be able to get me to sing, at all. I've never had a shred of confidence to try but I love harmonies, and I really wanted someone to help me get brave enough to sing. Katt took me from being unable to make the slightest sound in front of anyone, to singing confidently into a microphone, on stage with a band! I still don't know how she did it. Some mystical blend of enthusiasm, creative techniques, and relentless encouragement perhaps? Whatever it is, it works for me. I never even knew how much I wanted to sing, and I feel so lucky to have found someone who can lure my passion out of hiding, gently and naturally!"  ​

-Sarah M, North Melbourne​

'Coming to Katt's singing lessons is like visiting a friend. She is inspiring, kind and welcoming. Katt has definitely helped me improve my voice and confidence' 

-Brooke S, Maribyrnong


'I was really nervous about learning to sing and was worried about what kind of teacher I would get. I couldn't have had a more refreshing and reassuring experience. From the get-go Katti is engaged, open and focused. Katti invites you to get the most out of your lessons and to develop your passion for music with all manner of creative techniques and learning opportunities. The lessons involve a lot of fun and laughs. With Katti's encouragement I really believe I can do something with my singing, I thank you tremendously, Katti, for cementing a belief in myself'

- Victoria, Footscray

"Kattimoni was fantastic as she guided me through our singing sessions, giving me space to grow and create in a safe and supportive environment. I was fairly shy with my original rap-poetry songs but through her useful guidance, openness and techniques, I just kept creating more and more material, improving as I went. Thank you for the inspiration, knowledge and mentorship."


-Anna L Webb

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