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Are you ready to launch a new creative project or a conscious biz idea but you’re not exactly sure where to start?


Perhaps there’s a creative vision, a community project or a business venture that’s been on your heart for a while but you’ve felt blocked or struggled to cultivate the confidence and consistency you need to actually follow through and really get it ‘out there’.


You were born to live a juicy, creative, abundant life and make an impact in the world through sharing your unique gifts and talents. It’s time to liberate your creative potential, step into your power as a conscious creator and start bringing those visions and ventures to life!


You’re invited to 


a FREE 3 day Mini Masterclass Series 

this January 4th, 5th & 6th @ 7PM AST

(January 5th, 6th & 7th @10am AEST)


In this journey together I am going to be taking you through the 3 most important steps to help you launch & develop your conscious creative business and start creating financial freedom doing what you love.





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Over these 3 days I’ll be taking you through a process that will help you clarify your creative vision, transform any mental or emotional blockages and develop your creative brand and business so you can feel confident launching your projects and putting yourself ‘out there’ in 2022




Day 1 - Clarify your creative vision


Day 1 we start by getting crystal clear on your creative desires and look at what it would actually mean for you to be living in alignment with your soul purpose and the impact you hope to make in the world. We also explore how you could utilise your exact combination of unique talents, abilities, experiences and personality and begin crafting your creative vision into a unique project plan.



Day 2 - Clear your creative blocks


Our mindset plays such an important role in our success. The stories we tell ourselves and the beliefs we hold are the driving forces behind our emotions, actions, behaviours, habits and ultimately shape who we are and how we live our lives. On day 2 we uncover and unsurface any unconscious beliefs, doubts, fears or emotional blockages that may be holding you back and work through a process of transforming negative thoughts and beliefs and reprogramming our brain for maximum power, potential and possibility.


Day 3 - LAUNCH WITH confidence


Day 3 we break through any barriers you may have around putting yourself ‘out there’ and being visible. I’ll be guiding you through a powerful process to help you feel empowered about audaciously launching your creative project/ business into the world with confidence and unapologetically sharing your creative gifts and offerings with complete freedom.

Click the link below to sign up and join us for the FREE 3 Day ‘Conscious Creative Entrepreneur’ masterclass mini series and let’s start creating!



Hi, I’m Kattimoni, I’m an Australian born, Caribbean based Music Artist and Transformational Coach for Conscious Creative Entrepreneurs.


I’ve spent my life travelling and touring around the world, performing, creating music, producing events, workshops, community projects and programs.

I also have a background in Transpersonal Arts Psychotherapy, Somatic Embodiment Yoga, Voice Coaching, NLP, Feminine Leadership and a degree in Creative Business.


In 2020 I moved to the beautiful island of Barbados and launched my online coaching business ‘Global Creative Collective,’ combining my unique combination of artistry, psychology, spirituality and business strategy to help other heart-centred, creative changemakers unblock their personal creative power & potential, master their mindset and create financial freedom doing what they love.

Tune into my artistry HERE

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