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Creative Alchemy is a 6 week live online journey for women of ALL ages and ALL abilities to liberate their authentic voice and cultivate their creative magic.

Whether you’re exploring your creativity for the very first time or you’d like to deepen and expand your existing practice, you will be held and supported throughout this journey in a safe, playful and inspirational space to experience magical moments of expression, breaking through barriers and embodying your full potential.

As a sisterhood we will harness the healing and transformational power of our creativity to alchemise doubts/ fears/ blocks, manifest our desires and step into the most confident and fully self expressed version of ourselves.

Together we will co-create and facilitate a space where we can explore;

💥 Vocal exercises and breathwork 
​​💥 Songwriting tools
​​💥 Somatic embodiment practices and meditations
​​💥 Sensual feminine movement & dance
​​💥 Creating your own song, rhyme or spoken word poetry piece
​​💥 Learning a handful of short, soulful medicine songs
​​💥 Freestyle jams and improvisation 
​​💥 Performance and presentation skills 
​​💥 Transpersonal Art Therapy, NLP & Mindset processes 

All the juicy stuff your soul has been calling you to do!

Through a series of live online workshops with Kattimoni, you will be guided through a holistic and integrative fusion of creative and therapeutic arts designed as a tool for;

✨ Unlocking your creativity, voice and self-expression
✨ Releasing negative blocks, fears and limitations that are holding you back from expressing yourself more fully
✨ Claiming a sense personal power and possibility
✨ Strengthen your voice and improve your tone, articulation, pitch, projection and power 
✨ Unapologetically taking up space and speaking your truth
✨ Building confidence, self-esteem and self love
✨ Empowering positive transformation in your life
✨ Cultivating a culture of unity, collaboration and celebration amongst women.

These sessions invite you to let go of the ego self, the part that judges, compares and limits us and step into an unconditional space of acceptance, curiosity and full permission. We use the energetic vibration and frequency of song to support our affirmations and manifestations and allow our raw natural voice and expression to emerge from deep within.

Our throat chakra is our expression centre, our energetic centre of communication, creativity and confidence. Our voice is intrinsically linked with our feelings and emotions, our sensuality, our sense of permission and our sense of self.

It literally affects EVERY part of our lives, from the way we communicate in our relationships, to the way we share our business or creativity with the world or the way we ‘sell’ ourselves in interviews and opportunities…. Whether consciously or unconsciously, we are telling the world who we are in every moment with our body language, our tone of voice and our words.

Creative Alchemy calls to the woman who wants to feel more connected to HERSELF, her body, her voice, her creative juice and joy.
She knows she’s ready to burst out of her shell and expand her own sense of self
She’s absolutely DONE with playing small, feeling ‘not good enough’ or being frightened to ‘get it wrong’.
She’s ready to reclaim her brilliance and SHINE!

WARNING: This is NOT just a song and dance program. This work has the capacity to generate HUGE internal shifts and be the catalyst for creating EPIC life transformation. Women who have attended previous courses have experienced massive changes which has led them to; leaving unfulfilling jobs and pursuing their creative dreams, ending unhealthy relationships, asserting their voices at home and in the workplace, finally asking for that raise, healing old wounds and stories

Here’s a few testimonials from previous participants:

"Before working with Kattimoni, I felt self-conscious about my voice and I was afraid to speak up in meetings or large gatherings. Kattimoni taught me techniques that enabled me to gain more control of my voice and the confidence and self acceptance I needed to feel good about my voice and I am no longer reluctant to speak up or listen to recordings of myself.
I no longer ‘hate’ my voice. I now LOVE my voice. I highly recommend Kattimoni as a coach. She has such a natural, encouraging presence and her lessons are fun and productive. If I could describe my experience in one word it would be: Empowering."
~Erin Douglas

"I highly recommend Kattimoni to the woman who is ready to claim her power & voice. As a Facilitator, Podcast host and soon to be Mama, I embarked on this journey with the desire of greater freedom & confidence in my expression and it's been a dream come true! Over the course I became more confident & at ease with my voice, vocal expression and toning exploration than I ever could have imagined.​
Kattimoni held space for my vulnerabilities while lovingly encouraged my explorations. She joyfully celebrated my advances & gave extraordinary feedback & practices to support my growth. For every session that I started with a bit of trepidation, I ended with joyful laughter & feeling more embodied than before."
~ Lindsey Curtis (Her Return)

“ an intimate and gentle journey to share and unlock my creative potential" 
~ Shaeh Psaila

“Such a great workshop, I connected with my voice, through the soul of my being. I sang as though I had sung before; I felt melody vibrate within me. I wrote a song, I processed, I healed, it was cathartic. I got to own my own voice through song, and to find the courage and the love of singing and being witnessed. It was awesome. Highly recommend it.” 
~Sarah Gale

“It helped me feel more connected to myself and to believe in myself. On one hand it challenged me to give myself permission to express my authentic voice with clarity and confidence yet at the same time I loved the safe space to be vulnerable whilst working through my blocks. I have discovered a different type of self-love and self-confidence to express myself now’

~ Donna Charles

6 sessions will be facilitated online via zoom
Starts Saturday August 7th @11:00am AEST 
Each week will include resources for integration and homeplay
You'll also have access to a private facebook group for sharing, support, co-creation and celebration

EARLY BIRD (Before July 24th) - $299

Spaces will be limited
Book online :

or PM for Direct Debit Details

Kattimoni is a Creative Alchemist.
A soulful Singer, Spoken Word Artist, Psychotherapist and Creator Coach inspired by creativity as a catalyst for transformation and healing. Her artistry is a joyful and sensual transmission of alchemy with a unique fusion of powerhouse soul vocals and tropical reggae rhythms entwined with a natural mystic flow of hip-hop and spoken word.

Australian born and Caribbean based, Kattimoni has been a world traveller from a young age and influenced by a diversity of global artistry, culture, spirituality, knowledge and traditions throughout her life.  She’s performed alongside top industry icons across the Australian festival circuit, was featured as a judge on Channel 7’s #1 TV show ‘All Together Now’ and spent several years touring internationally as a vocalist & dancer with multicultural samba reggae band, ‘Sol Nation.’

Kattimoni holds degrees in Creative Industries (Music) & Transpersonal Arts Psychotherapy and is also a qualified Vocal Coach and practitioner in NLP, Somatic Feminine Embodiment Yoga and Theta Healing. She is the Founder & Creator of ‘New Earth Arising’ – A global online platform that provides transformational education & coaching for Creators, Changemakers & Entrepreneurs to liberate their creativity and develop their potential.

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